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Grow your collaboration business and break down the barriers in your customer’s organisation. 

What is the Collaboration Architecture?

The Cisco Collaboration Architecture is an open, integrated architecture that works with your customer’s new and existing technologies. It is a collaborative infrastructure with modular elements, so you can align Cisco solutions with your customer’s strategic goals.

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What are the business benefits?

Collaboration-oriented capabilities are always advancing. The partnership between Tech Data and Cisco is always ahead of that curve. The benefits for your customers are numerous. With a collaboration infrastructure they can increase productivity throughout their organisation, enjoy organisational agility and quickly respond to the changing needs of the business. Most importantly, their teams will be able to work better together, from wherever. 

The collaboration services from Cisco come in all varieties, from call control and unified communications through to content management. User experience, device types and compute infrastructure are all considered, giving your customers the choice of on-premise, hosted, managed or cloud deployment. 

For our partners, the Collaboration Architecture opens up endless opportunities for upsell and cross-sell, accelerates time to market and increases revenue growth. This flexible framework gives you the opportunity to develop an investment plan for your customers that considers their current and future assets. By working with Tech Data and Cisco, you can grow your collaboration business quickly, effectively and meaningfully.



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