Your customers can achieve anytime, anywhere productivity with BlackBerry Secure Suite 2016.

Why you should sell BlackBerry Secure Suite 2016

With BlackBerry Secure Suite 2016, your customers can say “yes” to their users’ and business leaders’ demands for anytime, anywhere productivity through secure mobile apps. They can benefit from consistent multi-platform mobile device, app management policies and controls across iOS®, Android™, Windows® 10 and BlackBerry® operating systems**, no matter the device ownership model or the user groups being mobilised. 

So what are the features of BlackBerry Secure Suite 2016?

Deliver a flexible, cost effective, EMM solution to your customers through BlackBerry Secure Suite 2016. All deployment solutions enable a single and secure view of  enterprise content from any device, and with both Cloud and on-premise options available, you can help customers who prefer a managed offering, or who require complete control, end-to-end. 

The suites have passed rigorous third-party testing, including Common Criteria security certification for app management and the underlying app security platform, making them the solution of choice for customers who are based in insurance, finance, legal, aerospace, defense and military organisations.

BlackBerry Secure Suite 2016 help your customer's end users keep their work and personal content separate, delivering consistent security, including encryption, secure communications, DLP policies, and more. 

You can offer your customers precise controls over content by embedding digital rights management protection in their files, ensuring information remains secure and trackable at all times, even after files are downloaded and shared with third parties. Protect your customer's business and their employees’ privacy at all times, across multiple operating systems and devices. 

BlackBerry supports organisations that must meet the highest security requirements and/or achieve regulatory compliance in mobility, including: 

  • 16 of the G20 governments 
  • The TOP 10 largest law firms 
  • 5 OUT OF 5 of the largest oil and gas businesses 


BlackBerry is also APPROVED BY NATO for classified communications up to "Restricted" level (BES10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones were the first to receive this approval)* 
*Current as of October 2015  |  **(iOS®, Android™ – including Android™ for Work and Samsung KNOX™ – Windows® and BlackBerry®)   |  *Current as October 2015 

What products are available?

Management edition

The Management edition gives customers device-level control and management. It offers BES®12, a complete, cross-platform and secure mobile device management (MDM) solution. 

Enterprise edition

The Enterprise edition gives your customers some collaboration capabilities in addition to an MDM solution, allowing them to mobilise Microsoft® Exchange while ensuring end-to-end security and protecting corporate data.

Collaboration edition

The Collaboration edition allows customers to capitalise on more advanced MDM capabilities and take advantage of a wide set of collaboration and third-party business apps. It adds turnkey, secure mobilisation of Microsoft® Lync®, Microsoft® SharePoint®, Cisco Jabber®, SalesForce®, and over 2000 other apps. 

Application edition 

The Application edition enables customers to develop their own custom apps to mobilise a wider range of business processes. The Good Secure Mobility Suite delivers a full platform for app security, development and deployment. 

Content edition

The Content edition adds full content security to customer’s MDM capabilities and includes WatchDox®, the leading secure enterprise file synchronisation and sharing (EFSS) solution. IT can control users’ ability to view, edit, copy, print, download, or forward files, even after those files are downloaded or shared with third parties. 

Next step

The EMM maturity audit

Discover how mature your customer's business process is surrounding enterprise mobility management and how you can identify, deliver, and optimise EMM opportunities with BlackBerry throughout their organisation.