Tech Data have developed some of the most sophisticated e-tools in the industry to compliment selling Apple products to your customers. These tools reduce time and cost, while enabling you to grow your business.

Config. CTO tool

Configure Apple products to your customers exact specifications with our CTO tool. Differentiate your business by offering bespoke machines that cater for their every requirement. The tool is incredibly easy to use; simply select your base product and follow the steps to select the configuration options your customers require.

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Tech Data offer bespoke engraving services for Apple products including text engraving, logo engraving and ornate engraving.

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Weborder Checker

Check the status of your web orders with this bespoke tool from Tech Data. Simply enter your search term and order date(s) and you’ll be provided with the most up-to-date information on your order(s).

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Config. Checker

Find your customers' configured devices with this easy-to-use tool; simply enter the configuration SAP number to locate and track your configured products.

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Volume Purchase Programme

The Volume Purchase Programme allows businesses to purchase apps and books in volume for distribution to their users. Buying apps in volume for both macOS and iOS has never been easier.

AppleCare Checker

Similar to Weborder checker, AppleCare checker gives you access to the most up-to-date information about AppleCare orders so you can keep your customers informed at all times.


Download Office 365 onto your customers’ Apple products with our StreamOne offering. StreamOne changes the way software is delivered in the channel, offering an easier way to sell, manage and implement software and cloud services.

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If you have any further questions or wish to get in touch with the Apple team here at Tech Data visit our ‘Contact the Team’ page today.

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