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What is software-defined networking (SDN)?

Software-defined networking addresses the static nature of traditional networks, using technology to make the network agile and flexible for the modern data center.

What is SDN?

SDN gives your customers dynamic and granular control over their traffic. They can change any network switch's rules when necessary, deciding what data should be prioritised and where it should be directed to.

Working as part of a virtualised data centre, SDN gives your customers control from a centralised console so they don't need to worry about switches. They can define their own firewalls and they can define the requirements of their own virtual machines (VMs).

How will it help you and your customers?

SDN benefits your customers by giving them the agility they need to meet changing business demands. They can get their applications up and running in minutes, instead of days.

Selling SDN to your customers will position you as a trusted advisor as you help their businesses to innovate at a lower cost. As SDN is only one component of a virtualised data center, it could lead to further sales conversations and the potential for recurring revenues.

Key reseller considerations

Here are the key questions you should be asking customers as you scope out the right SDN opportunities for their business.

Does your customer have in-house networking skills?

Your customers may have virtualised large parts of their environment, but they need the network in place to support it. Work with your customer to explore the benefits of SDN, emphasising the levels of control they gain when adding new virtual machines to meet new business demands.

Does your customer find their physical network restrictive?

Your customer's business is having to survive in an increasingly competitive environment. If they can't react quickly to business demands or achieve rapid growth due to the rigidity associated with traditional networks, they're already a step behind. Demonstrate the elasticity SDN can offer them, so they can define and make changes in a matter of minutes.

Is there a bottleneck in your company's business?

If your customer's networking team, or the third party they may be working with, is taking too long to build the network and deploy applications securely, this will hamper their ability to innovate. Make your customers aware that SDN can eliminate bottlenecks by giving administrators the ability to manage all virtualisation through a single interface.

Is your customer having difficulty keeping their data secure?

With changes in regulation looming, your customers need to be in a position to comply with GDPR or risk facing substantial fines. If your customers have experienced difficulties in creating firewalls, it's time they considered SDN as a solution to improve security. It allows customers to build firewall rules at a granular level, around every single VM they create.

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