Smart Meetings

Connect your customers

Connect your customers with the next generation of smart meeting solutions

Meeting is about collaborating, and it’s more crucial than ever that the technology around us enables us to do so seamlessly.

  • 40% of the workforce will be remote workers by 2020
  • Over 70% of businesses use video conferencing
  • 2/ 3 meeting platforms are used regularly as standard

Location is no longer a hinderance to great collaboration and the costs and travel time customers save having remote meetings can be better invested elsewhere in related technologies.

When so much business is conducted through meetings, the last thing your customers want to worry about is connectivity issues, or technology hindering rather than helping.

Shifting Connectivity

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen immense changes in our personal lives, from smartphones to tablets, from car navigation systems to fridges and beyond. The workplace is no different, with a marked shift from AV integration in meeting rooms, to hybrid AV/IT systems.

These marry highspeed internet connectivity to leading interactive technology to provide immersive, real time communications across the globe.

Cloud Enabled Meeting Rooms

Your customers needn’t wait until their allotted meeting time to work smart, they can book meeting rooms smartly too, via cloud enabled booking platforms.

They can effortlessly locate, book and manage meeting spaces directly from their calendar, mobile or from the meeting room screen.

Certain platforms also offer built-in RFID card readers for enhanced meeting security.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

A perfect example of a Smart Meeting solution is Microsoft Teams. Teams provides the answer to any issues your customers have with collaboration within their workforce, whilst utilising the best of what Microsoft already offers. Download our brochure to discover what Microsoft Teams is all about, how it will benefit your customers, and how you can get involved.

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Google Hangouts

The Ultimate Google AV solution is a combination of software and hardware for both G-Suite users and Non G-Suite users. When Hangouts Meet is combined with hardware it creates a bespoke meeting room solution. For end-customers who are looking for simple peer to peer collaboration, the Hangouts Meet Application is the perfect solution.



Cisco’s collaboration platform enables meeting, calling and collaboration experiences that are seamless and intuitive. The unified platform is simple to manage and scale and is home to the absolute best in encrypted security. With Cisco, partner profitability is unbeatable - they have 55% market share in web conferencing, 53% in video conferencing and 43% in enterprise voice/calling.



Zoom is the fastest growing video platform of all time. The platform creates a brilliant video-conferencing experience and an end-to-end modern communications platform.

Maverick AV Solutions is the world’s first global Zoom Room partner. Our solutions feature specialist hardware from various different vendors. Zoom Rooms are available fully configured to work out-of-the-box.

Click and Go

Making a call on smartphones is a matter of taps of the finger. Starting smart meetings can take as little as one.

  • Plug-in one-click buttons can wirelessly share content instantly and intuitively with no setup. There are no wires and no confusion.
  • Software enables businesses with different meeting platforms to connect effortlessly, and in one touch. Ensure your customers never miss an opportunity due to compatibility issues.

Smart Meeting Displays

Smart meeting displays are much more than just an extension of laptop screens, they offer the following capabilities:

  • Touchscreen – Your customers can point to, manipulate or sketch to their hearts content. With certain screens hosting 20-point touch technology, it’s as precise as a pencil and paper.
  • 4K clarity – Incredible 4K resolution on a large number of models ensures your customers never miss a pixel. Whether streamed or static, they’re sure to get your point across.
  • Multitask – Advanced processing enables video calling, document sharing, and whiteboard functions simultaneously.


Interested in Smart Meeting Solutions? We have a wide ranging portfolio of products to suit every customer’s specific requirements. Click below to discover more or buy now on InTouch.



Interactive Format Products

Interactive Products

Large Format Displays

Large Format Displays





Market Opportunity

The global messaging security market size is expected to reach $5.10 billion by 2022 increasing to $11.10 billion by 2025. Find out more about messaging security solutions from our partners below:


To help your customers discover how moving to smart meeting solutions can benefit them, we’ve created a battlecard covering everything they need.