Provide your customers with opportunities to deploy, secure, integrate, and manage mobile devices in their workplace

What is mobile device management (MDM)?

Your customers will be looking to secure devices across multiple operating systems within the workplace, improve control and visibility, and minimise the risk of data theft. 

What is MDM? 

Mobile device management (MDM) delivers quick wins for your customers in terms of productivity and security. 

End user's devices, regardless of type and operating system, can be secured within the workplace by device passwords, remote locking, and wiping – all of which are beneficial in cases of loss or theft. 

What are the business benefits?

Mobile device management (MDM) gives your customers full control over devices being used in the enterprise environment, while their end users are given the freedom to use their preferred platform. 

Selling MDM capabilities to your customers will position you as trusted leader when it comes to improving enterprise security. This encourages repeat business when your customers look to continue their business transformation and mobilise further processes. 

Key reseller considerations

Here are the key questions you should be asking customers as you scope out the right MDM capabilities for their business.

What operating systems and platforms do they need to support?

As your customers adopt bring your own device (BYOD) policies, the devices, systems, and platforms used by end users become more extensive, making security issues more complex. You should help customers to identify the support they need for mobile device and computing operating systems. 

What security features are important to them?

The security of mobile devices within the enterprise becomes paramount as they are increasingly taken outside of the corporate environment. 

Identify features that provide optimum privacy and control for mobile devices such as password protection, device encryption, and remote wiping to keep your customer's corporate information safe in the event of device breach, loss, or theft.

What enterprise integration do they require?

New devices that are used within the enterprise need to be integrated with existing software, networks, and infrastructures. Integrating secure web-mail, cloud services, and backup/restore applications on devices can enhance security further and encourage quick productivity gains. 

What end user support do they require?

Customers need to manage mobile devices without compromising their end user’s experience or frustrating them. Consider the level of support they need including self-service and help desks.

Next step

The EMM maturity audit

Discover how mature your customer's business process is surrounding MDM and the steps you need to take to improve their mobile strategies across device control and security. 


Get in touch with one of our MDM specialists to discuss the right solution to sell to your customers, the benefits involved, and how selling MDM can position you as a trusted advisor.


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Explore the MDM solutions available from each of our vendors.


Microsoft offers remote actions such as passcode reset, device lock, and data encryption. 



VMware allows your customers to configure, secure, and support mobile users.



Citrix allows your customers to enroll devices in their enterprise environment quickly and securely.



BlackBerry offers a cross-platform MDM solution for innovative customers. 


“There can be immediate and substantial benefits for customers once they begin using EMM solutions. The benefits are profound for both the business and end users.”

Milton Stephenson, Mobility Specialist Lead, Tech Data