Provide your customers with the opportunity to store and deliver data and content to mobile devices, enhancing end user productivity, collaboration, and secure communications

What is mobile content management (MCM)?

MCM helps your customers to securely deliver data, information, and communications to mobile devices, so end users can access the corporate information they need.

What is MCM?

Mobile content management (MCM) allows your customers to have full document control and securely deliver corporate resources across multiple devices that are always synchronised. End users can access, collaborate on, and share documents from any device, in any location, while minimising the risk of data breaches.

What are the business benefits?

Mobile content management (MCM) provides an intuitive way for users to securely access, edit, and share corporate files and resources. Collaboration becomes seamless and more efficient, while the productivity of a dispersed workforce increases. With secure access to corporate data, companies and end users alike can mitigate risks of unauthorised access and changes. 

Selling MCM capabilities to your customers makes you a trusted source for security and driven business value. Consequential revenue growth will encourage customers to repeat purchases with you as they complete their business transformation.

Key reseller considerations

Here are the key questions you should be asking customers as you scope out the right MCM capabilities for their business.            

What content storage options do they want?

As workforces expect to work anytime, anywhere, and on their preferred device, your customers need more stringent control on how, where, and when their corporate information is being accessed. You should scope out the appropriate infrastructure, regulatory requirements, and control levels needed for their business.

What security features are important to them?

With more end users accessing corporate information from more locations, risks increase and security requirements become more complex. When deploying your MCM solution to customers, you should consider an encrypted content container, user and IP based authentication, as well as data loss prevention. 

What integrations do they require when it comes to tools?

End users are already familiar with existing file based cloud services such as Sharepoint, Office 365, and Dropbox. You will need to integrate your customer's existing tools into your MCM solution, preventing unsecured data from being lost or leaked during the transition.

What usability do they want be put in place?

Content is the crux of end user productivity and collaboration, so their user experience needs to be simultaneously prioritised alongside security and control levels. Be sure to offer your customers document synchronisation across devices, self-service troubleshooting, and a help desk for when they have issues that could threaten their content’s security.

What management controls do they want?

Your customer's IT teams need full visibility and control over who is accessing corporate data. The MCM solution you offer to customers should be sensitive to information passing and residing between mobile devices. Work with customers to put restrictions in place to prevent unauthorised access, manage user privileges, and wipe content when employees depart.

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“As a reseller, you need to educate your customer so that the MCM solution becomes part of the underlying culture of the organisation.”

Jon Whiteoak, Technical Sales Specialist, Tech Data