Improve your customer's mobile application lifecycle management and security throughout their enterprise environment

What is mobile application management (MAM)?

Deliver apps securely across mobile devices without putting your customer's 
business at risk of unauthorised access and workarounds.  

What is MAM? 

Mobile application management (MAM) secures mobile business applications across devices, often with distribution through a private app store for multiple platforms. IT teams can manage corporate applications without compromising the end user’s personal apps and data. Security layers can prevent communication between apps and restrict access levels for users through authentication.

What are the business benefits?

Mobile application management (MAM) enhances mobile productivity and collaboration by giving end users secure access to corporate resources and applications, wherever and whenever. As well as productivity on the move, MAM also facilitates bring your own device (BYOD) strategies, giving users freedom of choice for their devices within the workplace. 

Selling MAM capabilities to your customers creates upsell and cross-sell opportunities as applications become more popular, extensive, and complex when businesses look to further transform their business processes.  

Key reseller considerations

Here are the key questions you should be asking customers as you scope out the right MAM capabilities for their business.

What operating systems and platforms do they need to support?

As mobile working practices become more commonplace, your customer's business applications need to be accessible and secure across different devices, systems, and platforms - at any time. You should help customers to identify the support they need to distribute applications securely and efficiently to their workforce.

What security features are important to them?

With the right security layers in place, applications can be true business enablers. Consider disabling copy/paste between applications, giving customers configuration management and defining their user and group access controls. These elements of an MAM solution help protect your customer’s corporate applications - as well as the personal applications of their end users.

What integrations do they require when it comes to tools?

MAM solutions you offer to your customers need to be integrated with their existing business tools, giving end users a seamless experience. Whether it’s integration with vendor app stores or Cloud services, your delivery of MAM should ensure users can access the resources they need without compromising their user experience. 

What usability do they want to be put in place?

When delivering a MAM solution to your customers and their end users, usage options for applications need to be available without being intrusive. You should consider offering voluntary enrollment, self-service app stores, and access to multi-languages for different platforms, giving users the opportunity to work on the applications they enjoy the most.

What controls do your customers want?

Security and compliance are top priorities for those looking to mobilise processes and boost productivity through applications on mobile devices. Within your MAM solution, you should offer your customers management controls, providing visibility over who is accessing apps, on what device, and the activities being carried out. 

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Our vendors all offer mobile application management, discover each solution below. 


Microsoft keeps mobile apps secure while delivering the unique Office experience.



VMware offers application suites and delivery that help to improve productivity.



Citrix helps your customers to securely deliver business apps to devices.



BlackBerry gives application oversight to IT teams for safeguarding corporate data. 


“The value in EMM planning is around creating a secure business workflow for your customer to give them a competitive advantage in the market.”

Jon Whiteoak, Technical Sales Specialist, Tech Data