Integrate your customer’s storage, network and compute into a single infrastructure to lower their overall costs and eliminate resource islands.

What is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)?

Hyperconverged infrastructure integrates storage, compute and network into one centralised location, giving your customer’s business flexibility, agility and greater resilience.

What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence underpins the software-defined data centre. It combines all components from storage through to cloud gateway functionality, in a single shared resource pool with hypervisor technology.

It helps your customers to centralise their management and achieve predictable scalability. With the benefits of easy automation, your customers can stop worrying about their data centre and get back to focusing on the strategic decisions around their business.

How will it help you and your customers?

Hyperconvergence is the heart of a software-defined data centre and gives your customers the flexibility, agility, efficiency and security they need to achieve rapid business growth. They can meet changing demands with ease and and utilise a single shared resource pool.

Selling hyperconvergence to your customers positions you as a trusted advisor as you empower them to optimise their virtual machines. Deliver cost-effective options and an infrastructure that is easy to manage, making data handling much simpler.

Key reseller considerations

Here are the key questions you should be asking customers as you scope out the right hyperconvergence opportunities for their business.

To what extent does your customer need to scale their business?

Your customers may have different scalability requirements. These must be matched to the right hyperconvergence solutions from vendors. Each solution varies in how many nodes can be supported in a single cluster. When selling HCI, you will need to understand your customer’s requirements to help them achieve predictable scaling.

What are your customer's disaster recovery and back-up requirements?

Some of your customers may work within more mission-critical industries such as healthcare or government. If their virtual machines go down, it can have detrimental effects reaching outside of their business. HCI can help your customers to meet any end user SLA’s more easily, recover failed machines in a matter of moments and maintain business up-time.

Does your customer's current infrastructure offer enough data protection?

Some customers will be reluctant to change their infrastructure amid fears of data protection. If security lapses, they will face huge fines and lose their customer’s trust. With HCI your customers can manage data sprawl more effectively, access deduplication features and dictate management policies. HCI adds another layer of data protection.

What can HCI deliver to your customers that their current infrastructure doesn't?

To remain competitive, your customers need to do more with less, reduce costs and prove increased agility. Traditional infrastructures are often too rigid to meet these demands and too costly as complexities increase. With HCI, you can cut customer’s operational costs, streamline their management and increase their efficiency - leading them to greater ROI.

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