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Transforming Public Services

The government sector is undergoing very real and rapid transformation and IT and the cloud is at the heart of this change. Most of the public sector is already embracing cloud, which is seen as one of the main ways in which public sector bodies can reduce IT costs. A study by Socitm – the sector body for IT professionals – and consultancy Eduserv, found that 62% of councils are now storing data in the cloud, while 44% now have guidance or a strategy in place for cloud infrastructure. 


As we once again approach the end of the year on 5th April, public sector budget-holders will once again be thinking about utilising their budgets in the best way possible. For suppliers of IT solutions, it’s a window of opportunity. This guide will help you to understand the current priorities in the public sector and how Tech Data and its vendor partners can help you to address and exploit the opportunities.


Making it easier

The G-Cloud series of framework agreements is making it easier for public sector bodies to buy cloud services without going through a full procurement process. More and more suppliers are becoming adapt at getting onto those frameworks and sales through the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace are bound to keep rising well beyond the £2.85 billion spend since 2014.

Moving from legacy systems

Cloud is not the only area of potential of course. The whole of government – and the blue light and military services sectors – are modernising their systems and processes at every level. While there are always going to be challenges in moving from legacy systems and addressing security and data management issues, these are by no means insurmountable and in themselves, present further opportunities. 

Management of data

Security and management of data is a major concern and for this reason, not all workloads or data will end up in the cloud at any time in the very near future. Management of orchestration of hybrid systems is an area of significant potential for IT suppliers. As local and central government looks to digitise more of its services, the modernising of core infrastructure and the use of advance analytics, business intelligence and edge computing are going to be areas of interest.

Underpinning all of this is the need to ensure that government operates as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. There are plenty of opportunities to bring general productivity and workplace solutions and platforms up to date and provide the stable platforms upon which more services can be digitised and transformed with the goal of delivering better public services to citizens and the whole community.

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