Creating a modern workspace is about creating an environment for your customers whereby they don’t have to worry about the platforms they use.

The Citrix portfolio from Tech Data goes one better. In addition to creating a seamless user experience, Citrix provide a digital environment that is secure, robust, and crafted to sift through endless noise and distraction to provide users with exactly what they need, when they need it.


Increased organisational and IT complexity creates increased risk of security breaches, as it becomes more difficult for businesses to effectively track and identify entries into their networks. This is compounded by employees using apps and services on corporate networks that are often not sanctioned by IT.

Citrix Analytics for Security utilises machine learning to identify, analyse, and proactively respond to suspicious activity in real time.

  • Create user profiles based on employee work patterns with automated response to potential threats or deviations.
  • Share files securely from any device with Citrix Content Collaboration, with filters instantly blocking activity resembling ransomware.
  • Gain holistic, end-to-end visibility of users, applications, endpoints, networks, and data across Citrix Workspace in a single, cloud-based dashboard.

Ensure your customers are able to protect their data and infrastructure in real time, while preventing attacks before they occur. Anything else is too late.

Digital Workspaces

Ask employees where their work is, and many will tell you it’s no longer at a fixed desk, but instead it’s wherever they have a connection. This is a seismic shift from just a few years ago and offers immense flexibility and opportunity for employees for their work to meet their needs.

However, the flipside is that businesses now face increased challenges to keep their networks secure from malicious actions, while accessible and dynamic for their staff.

Citrix Workspace meets the challenge head on. It perfectly addresses both employee and employer needs by creating a digital workspace designed for the ‘wherever there’s a connection’ world of work.


Users can access any of their apps and data using single sign on, with a universal search feature and a personalised view of the apps they actually use, along with their tasks.


Real time intelligent assessments of network entries and interactions, updating IT administrators with actionable insights at all times.


Less context switching is required, as there is only one context. It provides all the elements, in just one environment.

Offer your customers the digital environment that delivers on simplicity, security, and productivity, with Citrix Workspace.

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Infrastructure for modern business is less about the buildings you operate out of, and more about how you store your data, how you build your network, and how you access your apps. Key to this are clouds, whether public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud.

Your customers and their employees expect a flawless application experience, something that’s more difficult to achieve as more and more of their infrastructure is moved to multiple cloud solutions.

With Citrix, your customers can choose the app infrastructure that’s right for their business, and fits in with their chosen cloud services. The Citrix networking portfolio is built on a single codebase, making for operational consistency for all your customers apps, in any environment, and on any form factor.

Citrix networking products available:

Citrix ADC

Citrix’s comprehensive application delivery and load-balancing solution for monolithic and microservices-based applications, for on-premise and in the cloud, and everything in between.

Citrix SD- WAN

Secure, high performance, always-available WAN Edge networking that ensures flawless accessibility for authorised users, no matter their location.

Citrix Application Delivery Management

One-click provisioning of applications, holistic visibility through a single pane of glass, and crucially, operational consistency across the network.

Citrix Gateway

A single, simple access point for employees to access their apps and data wherever they are. It empowers remote working while protecting the network via a secure, easy-to-manage solution.

Citrix Web App Firewall

Comprehensive network protection without degrading throughput or application response times. It protects against known and unknown attacks, including application-layer and zero-day threats.

With applications and data now the backbone of modern business, provide your customers with solutions dedicated to protecting them with the Citrix networking portfolio.

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