Help your customers enhance their business transformation by offering mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Mobile device management (MDM)

Leverage mobility as a transformative tool for your customer's security, productivity, and business processes. 

Why are your customers talking about mobile device management (MDM)?

An increase in bring your own device (BYOD) and corporately owned personally enabled devices means that workspaces are no longer contained. Your customers are facing a rapid increase in the devices, platforms, and systems being used within their workspace. They will want control, visibility, and consistent security measures across all device types, without hindering the productivity of their workforce or driving up expenditure costs. 

A MDM solution can help your customers to manage, control and secure devices, define working practices, and support multiple devices and platforms.

Of organisations allow, or plan to allow, employees to use their personal mobile devices for work.
Of Information Security professionals believe jailbreaks and rooting make an attack more likely.
Of organisations admit that BYOD devices had downloaded malware at some point in the past.

Manage mobile working practices

Your customer's employees increasingly expect to work on their preferred, personal, device within the workplace. You need to offer customers basic security controls and data encryption, all while protecting end user privacy and user experience. You should help your customers to find the right balance between personal usage, productivity, and security.


Manage corporate mobile devices

Your EMM strategy should provide customers with security for their corporate devices and tools, preventing any unauthorised access from outside the corporate network. You should simplify access control and authentication for their devices, without diminishing the productivity of their employees either inside or outside of the workplace. 


Support multiple operating systems

Multiple operating systems across multiple platforms will be in use by your customer's employees which can introduce risks to the enterprise. Meanwhile, IT teams need the ability to secure, view, and manage everything from user groups to software configurations across these different systems and platforms. 


Implement security solutions for mobile devices

Your customers will be looking to improve security, visibility, and control of mobile devices to prevent any breaches or loss of data. You should provide your customers with options such as password protection, data encryption, single sign-on, and user policies.


Manage unsupported devices

BYOD brings with it the risk that your customer's employees are working on devices and systems that are unsupported by the infrastructure in place. You should identify solutions that help your customers to work around this, providing a layer of security through passwords or authentication so their IT team can recognise new use cases for devices. 


Next step

The EMM maturity audit

Discover how mature your customer's business process is surrounding MDM and the steps you need to take to improve their mobile strategies across device control and security. 


Mobile device management

Drive business value and encourage repeat business by providing mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to your customers as they start their EMM journey. By providing MDM solutions, your customers will benefit from reduced costs, improved security, and productivity gains.



“MDM is often the first EMM project for many customers. It’s an entry level solution that is the beginning of the mobility journey.”

Jon Whiteoak, Technical Sales Specialist, Tech Data

Working with our vendors

Our vendors all offer mobile device management, discover each solution below. 


Microsoft EM+S helps your customers to manage their devices and increase mobility. 



VMware Airwatch offers your customers the ability to manage mobile devices from one solution.



Citrix XenMobile can help your customers to increase flexibility and reduce operational costs with MDM.



BlackBerry Good EMM Suite can help your customers to take full advantage of workforce mobilisation.