Give your customers the final line of EMM defence by delivering mobile content management capabilities.

Mobile content management (MCM)

Expand your EMM strategy by adding a layer of security around your customer's corporate content and communications.

Why are your customers talking about mobile content management (MCM)?

Your customers have corporate resources, data, and sensitive information that they want to protect, but today’s trends of device sharing, bring your own device (BYOD), corporately owned and personally enabled devices, and remote working can introduce multiple threats. Data loss, theft, or breaches can cause huge financial and reputational damages for your customer's business, so they need extra layers of security. 

A MCM solution can help your customers to protect corporate data and resources, encrypt files, limit access and sharing capabilities, and still keep their workforce collaborating.

Of communications and content sent from and between mobile devices are unencrypted.
Of large UK businesses were hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past year.
Of data breaches in 2015 were caused by data accidentally being exposed.

Provide secure access to mobile content

MCM stores and delivers content to mobile devices, secures access to corporate data, and manages file sharing between devices and users. Delivering MCM to your customers will heighten the value of your EMM strategy as you provide an intuitive way for customers to access, annotate and share documents, all while keeping security front of mind. 


Manage mobile content across multiple platforms

Data breaches are likely to occur when unsecured content is shared between devices, repositories, and users. Your EMM offering should allow your customers and their IT teams to have timely visibility and management of who is accessing content, on what device and operating system, how it is being edited, and where it is being shared.  


Restrict access to certain content 

File storage and sharing are two of the most important components of MCM capabilities, naturally making security a priority throughout your MCM deployment. Ensure content doesn’t reach unauthorised devices or individuals by establishing user profiles, authentication, and content encryption in the MCM solution you sell. 


Provide secure access to offline content

Your customer’s end-users expect to work offline as well as online. As they are already familiar with cloud based file sharing solutions such as Dropbox and Sharepoint, secure integration and functionality becomes essential. IT teams still need control and monitoring capabilities over what is being accessed, and what changes are being made.


Next step

The EMM maturity audit

Discover how mature your customer's business process is surrounding MCM and the steps you need to take to improve and secure their content sharing strategies.


Mobile Content Management

In assessing customer’s needs, and in recommending MCM solutions, resellers should think beyond mobile to their customer’s overall information needs. It’s time to think far beyond consumer-grade content management.



The amount of content that people need access to is continually growing and resellers must ensure ease of access is maintained as the user base grows.

Milton Stephenson, Mobility Specialist Lead, Tech Data

Working with our vendors

Secure your customer's sensitive information and content with solutions from our vendors. 


Microsoft protects access to data with identity and access management. 


VMware AirWatch Content Locker

AirWatch Content Locker allows secure access to content across multiple devices. 


Citrix Sharefile

Sharefile helps customers to secure and manage data access while maintaining full IT control.


Blackberry Watchdox

Watchdox delivers smarter file sharing, helping users to securely connect and collaborate.