Drive business value by identifying opportunities for your customers to increase productivity, improve security, and reduce costs with an EMM solution.

Drive business value

Increase your customer's business value by identifying, delivering, and expanding the right EMM opportunities.

Why are your customers talking about the business value of enterprise mobility management (EMM)?

Your customers need to establish mobility as a core strategy, using the right technologies to promote productivity, flexible working practices, and secure access to data and resources. Your customers will be looking to respond to employee expectations and needs without excess capital expenditure on hardware, software, and resources. 

An EMM solution can help your customers to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve flexibilities and give their employees the secure environments they need. 

Increase productivity

Successful EMM strategies are catalysts for mobilising your customer's business processes - giving way to heightened productivity, seamless collaboration, and improved organisational efficiency. You can help your customer's end users to securely access data on authorised applications, on the device of their choice, whenever and wherever they are. 


Reduce costs

EMM solutions put security, mobility, and productivity at the forefront, so you can reduce your customer's capital expenditure costs. You can offer your customers holistic EMM solutions that integrate their existing systems into one unified console, saving costs on hardware, office workspace, and outdated technology. 


Improve employee satisfaction

Today’s mobile workforce expects to work on a device of their choice, using secure apps wherever they are. Your customer's employees expect to carry out their daily tasks in a secure, mobile, environment, all while having their privacy protected and enjoying an uncompromised experience. 


Next step

The EMM maturity audit

Discover how mature your customer's business process is surrounding EMM and the steps you need to take to improve their mobile strategies across devices, apps, and content.


Mobile device management

Drive business value and encourage repeat business by providing mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to your customers as they start their EMM journey. By providing MDM solutions, your customers will benefit from reduced costs, improved security, and productivity gains. 


“Typically, customers want business value. They want improved employee productivity, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction as EMM project outcomes.”

Jon Whiteoak, Technical Sales Specialist, Tech Data

Working with our vendors

Our vendors all offer solutions that can help you and your customers to drive business value.  


Microsoft helps your customers to manage their devices and increase mobility.



VMware offers your customers the ability to manage mobile devices from one solution.



Citrix helps your customers to increase flexibility and reduce operational costs with MDM.



BlackBerry helps your customers to take full advantage of workforce mobilisation.