Virtualise your customer's data centre so they can increase resource sharing and utilisation without the complicated details.

Eliminate the constraints of physical hardware for your customers.

Increase their server provisioning, give them greater flexibility and help reduce their costs.

What is driving your customers to ask about server virtualisation?

If it's time for your customers to add new servers to their infrastructure or to replace existing servers, they'll be asking you about server virtualisation. And if they're not, it's time you started the conversation. Become the trusted advisor who can transform their data centre.

Server virtualisation reduces infrastructure costs, maximises hardware usage and improves business recovery for your customers. It empowers your customers to run their business more flexibly, cost-effectively and to take a step forward in their journey to the cloud.

Virtualisation is seen as the one of the most important IT initiatives, with 62% of IT buyers stating it was very or extremely important.
The worldwide x86 server virtualisation market reached $5.6bn (£4.55bn) in 2016.
The software-defined data centre market is expected to grow to $83.21bn in 2021.

I need to reduce hardware vendor lock-in

Traditionally, your customers have had to purchase their hardware from a single vendor, which has limited them to a single server model for their data centre. This lock-in can be costly if vendors increase their prices, as well as frustrating when business needs to change.

Server virtualisation abstracts the underlying hardware and replaces it with virtual hardware, so administrators running the data centre have more freedom when choosing equipment.

I need to speed up server provisioning

Adding capacity and changing availability and performance requirements of servers used to mean making arduous requests, enduring long wait times and even delayed deployment. Customers who haven't virtualised their servers are still suffering these unnecessary pains.

Virtualisation takes server provisioning and application deployment from days to minutes. With elastic capacity, your customers can grow, clone and adjust their virtual machines.

I need to extend the life of legacy applications

Some of your customers will still be using applications that don't match the modernity of the business goals. Unable to run on newer operating systems, on upgraded hardware or simply left without being updated at all, these applications are holding your customers back.

Virtualising your customer's applications and their environment leads to its extended life, continued uptime and freedom for your customer to throw out bulky hardware.

I need to take the first step to the private cloud

If your customers aren’t already in the cloud, then it's time to make the move. They're looking for speed, reliability and complete control of their data. They may be reluctant to move their data centre to a complete cloud service, but you can take the lead for a slow and safe move.

Server virtualisation is the stepping stone for your customers. Move their virtual data centre to a private cloud where they can enjoy cloud benefits without worrying about security.

I need to increase application uptime

Keeping their business up and running is critical for your customers and for those using physical servers, disaster recovery and backup may be taking too long and can be detrimental. Business continuity and data security is their priority, so make it yours.

Virtualised servers come with features including migration, fault tolerance and high availability. Move your virtual machines from one server to another without disruptions.

Next step

Data centre maturity audit

As a reseller, you are responsible for identifying the right data centre opportunities for customers and offering solutions that will meet their virtualisation needs. Complete our maturity audit to define your customer's data centre competency and the next steps they should take.




Position yourself as a trusted advisor by integrating your customer's storage, servers, networks, compute and applications in a single infrastructure. Streamline your customer's day-to-day management of their data centre so they can focus on running their business.


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