Create a software-defined storage environment for your customers so they can put efficiency and scalability at the heart of their business.

Give your customers more freedom with software-defined storage

Prevent vendor lock-in for your customers by disrupting the old way of storing data.

What is driving your customers to ask about software-defined storage (SDS)?

The amount of data your customers work with is increasing exponentially. As a result, they may be running multiple data centres in different locations. Wherever these data centres are, they need to be scalable, cost effective, efficient and - most of all - easy to manage. Your customers need to make software changes easily, without impacting their hardware.

SDS still requires hardware, but this solution separates the control plane and data plane. Storage only has to do the simplest of tasks, while the software-defined piece handles all the intelligence, helping your customers to simplify their business processes.

It's estimated that the SDS market will be worth $22.56 billion by 2021.
In the third quarter of 2016, the physical storage market’s long-term decline continued, falling by another 3.2% to around $8.8 billion.
When using SDS, IT teams can spend 75% less time dedicated to storage-related enquiries.

I need to increase the availability of my machines

Your customers need to ensure their machines and applications are always available, to meet with demands for 24/7 service. But if they’re still running their software on traditional systems, virtualisation becomes an endlessly difficult task.

SDS allows customers to build environments across multiple sites. If one site fails, infrastructure keeps running and machines come back on, with only a slight pause in service.

I need to add more performance to already existing environments

When network and storage are owned by different teams, adding performance to machines often causes a bottleneck. Your customers need the ability to eliminate the third-party, add capacity to existing environments more flexibly and do so without crippling expenses.

SDS gives control of hardware and software in-house, so customers can add performance capabilities and increase efficiency without throwing away already purchased hardware.

I need to move away from my legacy models towards the cloud

If your customers aren’t already in there, a move to the cloud will be weighing heavily on their mind. Moving to the cloud will give them the flexibility and efficiency they need to achieve their business goals. But moving to the cloud isn’t as simple as they think...

Deliver a hybrid cloud environment so customers can run local workloads on hardware that’s being managed by SDS. Send backups to AWS and leverage protection from the cloud.

I need to more easily manage multiple environments and deployments

Your customers may have multiple virtual environments to which they’re deploying applications. Without a single view of each environment, your customers will find management complicated, inefficient, and at it’s very worst - threatening to the business.

With SDS, your customers can enjoy an integrated view of all environments, streamlining management and making the day-to-day running more efficient through policy-based provisioning.

I need to scale my business up and down

Your customers need to grow at pace to remain competitive. With traditional systems in place, your customers can’t adjust the performance and availability of their systems without long wait times, high financial costs and siloed infrastructures.

With SDS, your customers can enjoy independence from hardware. Although still needed as part of the solution, your customers can add storage without worrying about physical compute.

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Data centre maturity audit

As a reseller, you are responsible for identifying the right data centre opportunities for customers and offering solutions that will meet their virtualisation needs. Complete our maturity audit to define your customer's data centre competency and the next steps they should take.



Server virtualisation

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by giving your customers the flexibility to convert one physical server into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual server acts like a unique physical device, capable of running its own operating system so your customers can maximise the capability.


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