Identify software-defined networking opportunities within your customer’s business so they can cut infrastructure expenses and improve security.

Create software-defined networks for your customers

Build an environment that delivers flexibility and agility to match business changes.

What is driving your customers to ask about software-defined networking (SDN)?

Your customers need to compete in an increasingly digital, and competitive, market. This space is dominated by applications and if your customers can't deploy and scale new apps to market, quickly, they're fast falling behind. They need to achieve business growth and cut operational costs - without compromising performance and availability.

SDN abstracts the services the network provides (such as data transmission and security) from the hardware, providing a method to centrally configure and manage the network through software, giving your customers great control and flexibility.

The annual growth rate for the worldwide SDN market from now until 2020, is expected to reach nearly $12.5 billion in 2020.
SDN can lead to an 80% reduction in the operational expense of networks.

I need to improve my current network infrastructure

As big data, cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to dominate the digital space, customers who still use legacy network infrastructure will fail to remain competitive. They are expensive to run, inflexible, and too slow to deploy applications to market.

SDN brings together disparate IT groups and workflows, creating a modern infrastructure that can deliver new applications and services in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

I need to reduce operational costs 

Business growth is a huge expense when your customers are having to continually purchase, add and manage legacy hardware. In fact, a legacy approach is too rigid and complex for the demands of new applications and can cause a bottleneck.

SDN cuts costs through automation, meaning administrators can define the virtualisation, the requirements and security rules through a single console and innovate faster.

I need to speed up the provisioning of network services

Your customers need to grow, at scale, and meet changing business demands. What's more, they need to do this with speed, without compromising the performance of network services. Traditional networking doesn't support the scalable computing needed in the data centre.

SDN provisions your customer's network services and delivers the compute, performance and storage they need to make their services always on, and always available.

I need to program applications directly to network resources

If your customers are still using hardware, they are still relying on their networking and software teams to build, configure and manage applications. This is causing unnecessary delays, preventing full availability, and reducing the overall performance of the business.

SDN decouples the network control plane from the forwarding plane, giving your customers the ability to directly program, configure and manage applications to network resources.

I need to tighten my network's security in line with GDPR

Big data is a dominant trend for your customers, but the security of that data is even more pressing. Regulation is set to become more stringent from 2018 and if your customers suffer an attack or breach, they will have to face some potentially business-crippling fines.

SDN technology can help your customers to improve the security of their data by giving them control over how they route internal and perimeter traffic through the firewall.

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