Meet your customer's demands for agile and flexible IT through hyperconvergence so they can centralise management, enjoy automation and protect data better.

Bring together all the important IT trends for your customers.

Keep your customer's compute, storage and network in a single shared resource pool.

What is driving your customers to ask about hyperconvergence?

If your customer's infrastructure is being managed by multiple vendors, they're likely to be experiencing high costs that are prohibitive to growth. Working with seperate teams across storage, back-up and firewalls, to name a few, has certainly become unmanageable.

Hyperconvergence brings the required functionality and components into a single stack, allowing for shared resources. Working with a self-contained box, your customers can achieve business continuity, operational efficiency, and data centre consolidations.

Analysts predict that hyperconverged infrastructure will be mainstream in five years.
40% of large enterprises are already using HCI and the number is set to increase.

I need to reduce the number of suppliers in my data centre

If your customers are still working with a traditional infrastructure, they'll be experiencing bottlenecks, conflicts and even crippling costs as they try to achieve rapid business growth. Having multiple components owned by multiple vendors causes a variety of inefficiencies.

Hyperconvergence reduces the number of suppliers to a single vendor. Integrate your customer's components into a single solution, helping them to cut costs and to grow quickly.

I need to scale out my resource to meet business demands

Your customer's IT has to shift every once in awhile to meet new business requirements. They may be purchasing storage arrays much larger than needed to ensure that they always have plenty of disk space available to accommodate expansion - often leading to waste.

Give your customers the ability to scale out through the addition of devices in connected arrays that have their own resources, saving them unnecessary expense.

I need to achieve predictable scalability

As your customers look to expand their IT, they'll raise concerns about the upfront and overhead costs associated with making substantial change to their infrastructure. They'll also worry about potential business downtime and delays when adding new resources.

Hyperconvergence offers a building block approach that is rooted in predictability. Your customers can benefit from a smaller step size and grow by adding units when required.

I need to protect data at all times

Data protection is critical for your customer's success and the protection of their end-users, particularly as regulation changes loom in the form of GDPR. Without data protection in place, your customers will be facing fines that could severely damage their profits.

Hyperconvergence makes data protection easy via comprehensive backup and affordable disaster recovery. The centralised console empowers IT to respond to threats quickly.

Next step

Data centre maturity audit

As a reseller, you are responsible for identifying the right data centre opportunities for customers and offering solutions that will meet their virtualisation needs. Complete our maturity audit to define your customer's data centre competency and the next steps they should take.



Software-defined networking

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by giving your customers full control over their networks. Help them build a network that cuts operational costs without compromising on performance and capability.


Working with our vendors

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