Why get your customers to Make the Shift to Windows 10?

With Windows 7 End of Support occurring on January 14, 2020, an estimated 39% of all PCs will no longer receive security updates. It is believed around 69% of SMBs are not aware, or only slightly aware of this date.

It opens up an enormous number of devices up to a growing number of cyber threats, which is something businesses of all sizes simply cannot afford. The best solution for businesses looking to continue with a fully supported and regularly updated Windows operating system is to upgrade to Windows 10. To fully maximise the Windows 10 experience, businesses should do so in tandem with upgrading their hardware.

Why new hardware offers more

The total cost of owning a four year old PC is around £1,885. This is enough to replace the machine with one or more newer PCs. The maintenance and repair costs alone on a machine of this age can add up to over £400 a year. This is before you consider the lost time to repairs, which in themselves can regularly take 48 hours per instance.

By making the shift to new hardware with Windows 10, customers can easily make this time and cost back in the improved productivity afforded. When compared with a four year old device, new machines offer:

  • 2.1x faster multi-tasking
  • A 33% reduction in security issues and time to resolve them
  • 40% faster data analysis
  • A 20% reduction in required IT management time
  • Up to 80% better performance

It adds up to a much lower total cost of ownership, and much higher productivity.

What’s more, 99% of Windows 7 apps are compatible with Windows 10, so your customers can continue to use familiar apps on a familiar platform with minimal retraining and disruption.

Security is a priority consideration.

  • 50% of small businesses have suffered data breaches
  • Each one costs an average of £66,000 , not to mention reputational damage and loss of trust from customers

By switching to Windows 10, customers can safeguard themselves with Microsoft’s continued regular security updates and patches.

The benefits of making the switch are clear. Don’t wait until it’s too late, improve your customers’ productivity and save them money at the same time.

Encourage them to make the switch today.

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