Why choose MySQL for Next Gen Web Applications

MySQL is designed and optimised for web applications, boasting world-leading performance, scalability, reliability and ease-of-use. The database is evolving every day, keeping pace with the rapidly developing world of next generation web applications.

How can Oracle MySQL Cloud Service help?

MySQL enables your customers to accelerate innovation, and rapidly, securely and cost-effectively develop and deploy next gen web applications; accelerating time to market.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service features multi-layered security, global scalability, hybrid deployments and expert technical support.

Scaling with MySQL

MySQL Replication combats business challenges customers may face when scaling their highly demanding web applications - with large data volumes and high write-rates.

Achieve supreme scalability by replicating databases across multiple commodity nodes. This replication function is a standard and integrated component of MySQL and provides the foundation for extreme levels of database scalability.

MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster is designed to deliver real-time, in-memory performance and 99.999 per cent availability. Specific features within the offering make it ideal for new generations of highly scalable, competitive applications:

  • High scale read and writes
  • 99.999 per cent availability
  • Real Time 
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Low TCO


Reduce your total cost of ownership through various different cost effective functionalities:

  • Transform CAPEX to OPEX – Don’t incur substantial upfront capital expenses or purchase various unnecessary infrastructure components. With MySQL, your customers purchase a service on-demand, turning capital expenses into operating ones. Furthermore, your costs scale dependent upon your growth, rather than potentially planning above and beyond maximum capacity usage.
  • Enhance operational efficiency – Save time on day to day database administration tasks and focus on high value activities. DBAs also have exclusive advanced features, management tools and technical support surrounding MySQL databases to improve productivity.
  • Improve Uptime – The average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is an estimated $100,000 (USD) per hour. Eradicate these damaging costs by using MySQL alerts and tools that enable your customers to remedy problems before their business is impacted.

MySQL: Tried and Tested

MySQL is a product with longevity and integrity, used by giants in the industry. The offering has a wealth of product maturity and the database has developed over its years, benefitting from developer and DBA feedback, continually evolving to offer a premium service.

The MySQL Community is a further reason to invest; having been battle tested across various sectors and use-cases, there is very little that the database hasn’t encountered. Because of this, the MySQL Community is able to provide a wide range of information, advice and suggestions for best-practise.

MySQL also has a focus on ubiquity, available on all major platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Oracle Solaris and many more.

For more information about how you can leverage MySQL for your customers IoT solutions contact the specialists at Kelly.Carey@techdata.com or OracleUK@techdata.com / 01925287976.

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