What is Cisco Smart Net Total Care?

And how can it help minimise network downtime?

What people really mean when they talk about keep an organisation’s technology up and running is not so much monitoring systems when they’re working as they should, so much as quickly finding the right solution when they’re not.

Downtime is the enemy for any modern business running their own network and server infrastructure, where time literally is money. All the while systems are down, businesses lose not only potential earnings, but also face high costs returning operations to normal. The ideal solution, then, is one where system data and statistics are highly visible, so as to diagnose faults faster and more accurately, ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Cisco Answer

Cisco Smart Net Total Care offers your customers fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage delivered by the Cisco Technical Assistance Centre.

Cisco experts are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, in addition to Cisco’s range of online self-help resources, including the Cisco knowledge library, OS software downloads, and support tools. It enables your customers to resolve their network issues quickly, often without having to open a case.

Should the need arise, customers can choose from a range of hardware replacement options. With delivery in as little as two hours in the most urgent cases, downtime soon means no time.

How is it a ‘Smart’ Net?

Cisco Smart Net Total Care isn’t there just for remedial action, it give customers proactive insight and visibility into their systems through live data on service coverage, product lifecycle, and alerts across their network. What that means is customers are best able to pre-empt and prevent a number of faults before they cause downtime.

  • Technical service and incident management provides fast access to Cisco experts
  • Security and product alerts management helps identify and manage relevant alerts
  • Service coverage management helps ensure critical assets have the necessary support levels
  • Product lifecycle management gives customers an up-to-date view of their Cisco installed base

Together, the technical support and smart capabilities of Cisco Smart Net Total Care can help your customers resolve problems more quickly, mitigate risk, and improve their operational efficiency right across their network.

By offering Cisco Smart Net Total Care to your customers, you’re ensuring expert assistance before, during, and after any issues, making for total peace of mind.

Multi-Year Service Promotions

Cisco are currently offering discounts on three- and five-year service contracts Cisco Smart Net Total Care, Smart Care, Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service for the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), and Essential Operate Services for Cisco TelePresence.

With over 50% list price discount for a multi-year eligible contract, now’s a great time to take advantage and deliver the very best in Cisco support coverage to your customers.

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