Sell Veritas Cloud from Tech Data, and steer your customers clear of databergs

Growth in data volumes across businesses has increased at an unprecedented rate, often outstripping the ability of many companies to control their data effectively. The ultimate, and unwanted result is the rise of enormous ‘databergs’ – large, cumbersome quantities of data where only a small percentage of the information contained within them is both visible to and usable by business.

Composition of a databerg

For typical EMEA companies storing data, the average composition of their databergs are as follows:

  • 14% - Identifiable, immediately usable business critical data
  • 32% - Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial data (ROT) – This holds no value to business
  • 54% - ‘Dark’ data. This is as -yet unidentified data. It may or may not hold value, and may in fact contain high risk to business

That means over half of business data is of unknown value. The downsides to this are significant:

  • Time and resource is spent on managing and storing data which likely holds no value
  • It may contain unknown quantities of high-risk, non-compliant data
  • Any value within dark data cannot be realised as it stands

What is more surprising perhaps, once these issues become known, is that 20% of businesses say they currently do not, or have no plans to calculate the business value of their data. [1] That means a huge amount of data remains a drain on business, and isn’t being realised. Companies are simply data hoarding, basing their strategies on the volume of their data rather than the value it holds.

How to realise the value of dark data

Customers working with data, then, across any platform – on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid IT – need a solution that delivers on storage of data, as well as its manipulation, in order to realise its true value.

A three-point plan is crucial to creating a successful data strategy:

  1. Gain Visibility – Identify the dark data in a business, expose the financial and reputational risks it holds, and extract the value within it.
  2. Take Action – Classify, retain, or defensibly delete any ROT data found, and save spending further time and money on it.
  3. Assume Control – Define a workable information governance strategy to prevent further waste, reduce risk, and make the best use of worthwhile data.

Veritas cloud solutions from Tech Data provide businesses of any size the tools to rid themselves of ROT data while maximising the potential of their business critical data, simply, and efficiently.

The solution lies with Veritas

Veritas CloudMobility ensures seamless migrations for your customers to and from the cloud. It allows cloud adoption on their terms and scale, avoiding vendor lock in.

Once migrated to the cloud, Veritas Backup Exec and Veritas NetBackup in combination with Veritas APTARE IT Analytics offer powerful solutions to intelligent data storage and manipulation.

Crucial features:

  • Single-pane view for data analytics
  • Global deduplication of data, removing waste
  • Wide variety of flexible backup and recovery methods, across storage types
  • Centralised control, ensuring compliance and uniformity of security
  • Single-click data mobility

Data is crucial to any business looking to grow, but data hoarding causes unwanted databergs that are nothing but a drain on resources, and a hindrance to insight. Empower your customers’ data and steer them clear of databergs by moving them to Veritas cloud. Veritas’ powerful and intuitive tools are designed to streamline your customers’ data, allowing them to harness its true potential.

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[1] Veritas, ‘The Databerg Report: See What Other’s Don’t.’