See, Move and Protect your customers’ data with Veritas cloud from Tech Data

As data becomes ever more critical to businesses of all sizes, it’s vital that they are empowered to make the most of their data, while ensuring its security.

Veritas Cloud from Tech Data enables you, the reseller, to provide your customers with a comprehensive, intelligent solution to the way in which they are able to visualise and utilise their data.


Without proper oversight of their data, companies are powerless in knowing the best way to achieve their business goals with it.

Veritas Information Map allows users to dig deep into both their cloud and on-premise data to discover its full extent. By providing precise, customisable information on data storage and use across geographic location, file server, share, owner, and classification tag, businesses can see in an instant how their data is currently used, and just how much it costs them.

With this knowledge, it’s a simple step for your customers’ to be able to fully optimise workloads and data centres to ensure maximum efficiency in data operations. What’s more, the entire process is manageable from a single, comprehensive platform with Veritas Information Studio.


Moving to the cloud shouldn’t be restrictive. For customers who choose to run workloads in a multi-cloud environment, cloud lock-in is a key concern. Not only that, but it’s crucial that these customers can ensure maximum uptime for their cloud-based work.

Veritas Resiliency Platform provides your customers with proactive, predictable resiliency as well as seamless mobility across clouds of their choice. In addition, its visibility into service level objectives (SLOs) and multi-cloud and on-premise IT health helps minimise downtime by enabling single-click failover and migration options when needed.

Veritas Resiliency Platform Differentiators:

  • Automated – Full automation for resiliency and migration operations
  • Predictable – Real-time visibility and tracking via a single dashboard
  • Compliant – Non-disruptive recovery and migration helps prove regulatory compliance
  • Mobile – Single-click workload movement without time-consuming data conversions
  • Flexible – Integrates easily into current cloud environment and technologies


Cloud-based storage can offer your customers huge savings thanks to the elimination of on-site storage and servers, and their associated costs. Just as important, however, is the knowledge that this data is secure.

Veritas NetBackup™ protects your customers data regardless of where it resides – whether fully in the cloud, on-premise, or as part of a hybrid IT solution – and stores it in the format of their choice.

It protects with and within the cloud:

  • Protect data with the cloud – On-premise data is copied to cloud storage via Veritas NetBackup™, allowing users to compliment their existing solution with a fully resilient, cost-effective backup.
  • Protect data within the cloud – Your customers can centralise and visualise their entire data protection operations from any location via the cloud, offering great potential to maximise their digital estate.

Veritas NetBackup™ makes a flexible, agile architecture for backup and recovery for businesses of any size.

Comprehensive Data Solutions

Veritas solutions from Tech Data empower data storage solutions and security, for whenever and whatever you customers choose to do with their data, simply, seamlessly, and cost-effectively.

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