Security as a solution, not a product

Security is a primary concern for business. It permeates every aspect of a business’s digital estate, and there are products able to cater for very specific situations and environments. An unintended consequence of this, however, is a very fragmented marketplace, with fewer and fewer end users having the requisite skills and knowledge to either purchase or maintain the correct products for their business.

This gap between security requirements and capabilities is of huge significance. Businesses who struggle to maintain their digital security products put themselves at greater risk. After all, a half-shut door is still an open one. Similarly, a poorly maintained security platform invites in all manner of issues.

Unified Security

The answer then, is a more unified approach to security. One that is comprehensive, fit-for-purpose, yet easily manageable. The time has come to shift away from security as a collection of products, to security as a single solution.

Shifting to a security solution provider enables you, the reseller, to position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers. It shifts the focus away from the seller/purchaser dynamic, and can help create a deeper, longer lasting relationship with your customers that stimulates greater recurring business opportunities.

Becoming a solutions provider is simple when you partner with Tech Data. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you. When it comes to designing your customers’ security architecture, deploying the solution etc, you’ll be able to take advantage of our security experts who’ll ensure the most appropriate and comprehensive solution at the best price.

Expertise, Easily

In addition, Tech Data have all the technical know-how and training services you need to sell security solutions with authority.

  • Tech Data Academy

    – The home of IT certifications and training, the Tech Data Academy provides official IT certification courses across any location. Available in classrooms or online, courses allow students to learn how they want, when they want. Certification furthers your credentials as a trusted advisor for security and enables you to get the most from your investments.
  • Pre- and post-sales engineers

    – Our dedicated team of engineers are on hand to provide expert assistance with any and all security solutions enquiries before a sale is made, in addition to post-sales support to confirm your customers have the solution they expected, and that it works as they want. Our engineers are available for bespoke learning opportunities, as well as on-site training and fixes.

Position yourself not as a security products provider, but as a security solution provider. Help your customers shift away from a fragmented, complex, difficult-to-manage security setup to one that is simple, fit-for-purpose, and comprehensive thanks to Tech Data’s unmatched security portfolio and know-how.

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