Securing the digital workplace with Google Chrome Enterprise

The last five years have seen a 72% increase in the average cost of cybercrime to $13million, with 12% growth coming in 2018 alone.[1] It’s a concern for businesses of all sizes, and one that requires security to be at the forefront of company policies as they move into an increasingly digital and mobile workspace.

One in four employees are now cloud workers, spending over four hours a day in web browsers on cloud-based apps. This requires a new kind of security. One that enables seamless, mobile, flexible working to meet the needs of cloud workers, but also the reassurance and control for businesses, to know that their assets are safe.

The answer lies with Google Chrome Enterprise.

Security for cloud workers

Chrome Enterprise delivers a new kind of working, built for the way cloud workers operate. Users can seamlessly take their work wherever they go, covered every step by Chrome Enterprise’s multi-layered security.

The Chrome Enterprise platform is secure by design, delivering the following capabilities:

  • Devices – Encryption keys are stored on the Chromebook hardware
  • Firmware – Verified boot detects malware and boots up a safe version instead
  • OS – Encrypted at the data and user levels, providing security updates in the background
  • Browser – Safe Browsing isolates attacks and deters the user from visiting malicious sites
  • Apps – Google Play inspects billions of apps daily to prevent threats

Proactive defence

Chrome Enterprise actively prevents attacks before they occur. Users are vulnerable to around 6,000 instances of unwanted software, and nearly 1,000 incidents of suspected malware every minute. Chromebooks combat these vulnerabilities by automatically uninstalling any malware, with no impact on the user.

Chrome OS is updated by Google every six weeks, with any critical updates pushed in as little as 24-48 hours. Thanks to every Chromebook storing two copies of the OS, updates occur in the background. Devices therefore don’t experience downtime when receiving the latest security features, compared to up to 30 minutes for competitor systems.

A blank canvas

In the event of a hardware issue, a Chromebook user can return to business as usual in under one hour compared to 1-2 days for a typical PC user. This is due to the fact that no data is preserved on the Chromebooks themselves. As a result, they also don’t require costly antivirus software.

When your customers purchase a Chromebook, they’re receiving not only the means to deliver the most flexible, mobile way of working for their employees, they’re gaining hardware that’s secure by design.

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