MySQL: The Competitive Landscape

MySQL has become the world’s most popular open source database because of its reliability, high-performance, and ease of use. MySQL combines the benefits of a widely adopted open source database solution with high quality, 24x7 support, training and consulting services delivered by Oracle. As a result, MySQL users benefit from both a strong ecosystem with millions of users, as well as the backing of the world’s leading database company.

Here’s why MySQL should be your customer’s first choice over any proprietary database on the market:

Reduced TCO
Lower cost is consistently shown to be the number one reasons why customers choose MySQL over any other offering. Based on the following hardware configuration (Intel x86_64 Servers: 4, CPUs/Server: 4, Cores/CPU: 8) Microsoft SQL Server costs more than 25x what MySQL Enterprise Edition would cost.

An IDC study (2003) showed that there are multiple components that contribute to an enterprise database’s overall costs, MySQL effectively houses many capabilities and attributes that help to reduce and maintain lower database costs. These capabilities include reliability, ease of use, affordability and many other TCO reducing attributes.

Using MySQL Replication, organisations can cost-effectively deliver a high availability solution. Master/Slave Replication enables operations to manually fail-over to another server in the event of a hardware or software problem. In addition, with MySQL replication, organisations can incrementally scale out their infrastructure to accommodate exponentially growing capacity demands. Other MySQL high availability capabilities include MySQL Group Replication, MySQL Router and MySQL InnoDB Cluster.

Ease of use
MySQL offers exceptional quick-start capabilities; the average time from software download to installation completion is less than 15 minutes. This “15 minute to success” rule holds true whether the platform is Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh, or Solaris. Once installed, self-management features like automatic space expansion, auto-restart, and dynamic configuration changes take much of the burden off already overworked database administrators. In comparison with a proprietary database such as Microsoft SQL Server, this has become increasingly complex to manage and does not provide a “15 minutes to success” experience.

MySQL support capabilities are another reason why customers choose MySQL over its competitors. Oracle Premier Support is staffed with MySQL experts – Oracle’s dedicated technical support team, who can help your customers solve their most complex issues rapidly. MySQL consultative support is also included in Oracle Premier Support; these engineers advise customers on how to properly setup and tune their MySQL databases, schema, queries and replication set-up to maximise performance and availability. By properly designing and tuning MySQL databases (with the help of specially trained engineers), your customers can effectively reduce their hardware costs.

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