Microsoft Surface and the Health Sector

Discover versatile devices for a versatile workforce. Healthcare professionals are busy, and they need a device that can keep up. The Microsoft Surface portfolio offers something for everyone. From nurses to doctors, mobile care workers to administrative staff, there is a Surface device that best suits their needs

The Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 offers up to 13.5 hours battery life, so it can be used throughout a shift and users can work without fear of losing power when it’s needed most.  The device is ultra-light and versatile, with weight starting at just 1.70 lbs, meaning it can be used on the go, without feeling cumbersome. It is super adaptable, and features laptop, studio and tablet modes, so that it can be used effectively for any task.

The Surface Studio 2

The Studio 2 has the ability to effortlessly transform from desktop mode to studio mode, allowing users to work on a variety of tasks in the most effective way for them. The durability of the Studio 2 means it can be used upright, or users can draw on it like a drafting table, without fear of damaging the screen. With professional-grade power and performance, healthcare professionals can rely on the Studio 2 to work as hard as they do.

The Surface Go

The Surface Go is the smallest, lightest Surface yet, and is the ultimate device for workers who are constantly on the move. It is sleek, modern and compact. The device offers an easy laptop-to-tablet flexibility that goes anywhere, yet still powers full feature desktop software that healthcare professionals rely on.  Surface Go also features built-in protection, including Microsoft-verified security, meaning users can feel secure and protected.

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