Microsoft and Tech Data’s Ultimate GPDR Glossary

Slice through the jargon surrounding the soon-to-be introduced General Data Protection Regulation to uncover what the new regulations actually mean for you and your customers.

Companies across Europe are bracing themselves for the GDPR’s arrival on May 25th 2018. The new regulation represents the single biggest change to data protection for the past 20 years, designed to give consumers more control over their personal data and how it is used by both public and private sectors.

The sweeping changes of GDPR compliance represent what many in business see as a profound logistical challenge, one that if not met could see a fine of up to 4% of global turnover. That’s enough to cripple a company that crosses the line deliberately – or more likely, accidentally.

Such a penalty means that the GDPR can appear to be a serious threat to the prosperity of your customer’s organisation – but it needn’t be. As long as they understand the basics of the new law and the regulatory language it uses, GDPR could actually represent the exact opposite; an opportunity to build their business, not destroy it.

For Microsoft and Tech Data, trust is central to ensuring that our partners can achieve more with their solutions. We are committed to ensuring GDPR compliance across our extensive range of products, services and solutions, and understand that GDPR compliance is a shared responsibility.

We have created this glossary as part of our wider mission to support the privacy and security initiatives of our partners, both in the run up to GDPR implementation, and well into the profitable future that lies ahead of them.

What this regulatory jargon – and the GDPR’s overall aim – represents is simple. It’s not about introducing ‘threat’ to your customer’s enterprise. It’s an opportunity for enterprises to build trust with wary consumers whose personal data has previously been up for grabs to the highest bidder, or simply abused.

And trust is good for business; nearly 50% of consumers would be comfortable sharing personal data with internet services if privacy was guaranteed. For Microsoft and Tech Data, trust is integral to our GDPR commitment – whether you choose to secure your customer’s systems using Azure, Dynamics, EM+S, Office 365, or Windows 10. Microsoft’s technology suite represents more than just an out-the-box product. They consider it our mission to support on your customer’s journey to complete GDPR compliance.

So while the GDPR may seem to loom large like a dark cloud, its silver lining could eventually eclipse it, enabling you to boost your sales and protect your customer’s reputation.


  • Strip away the scaremongering surrounding the GDPR and uncover what changes need to be made to ensure your customer’s enterprise is ready for the switchover.
  • View the new regulation as an opportunity to build consumer trust, not as a threat to your bottom line.
  • Start preparing your customers for that change now, not later – if you need help drawing up your transition strategy, bring in a third-party consultant.

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