Make End of Support a thing of the past with Google Chrome Enterprise

The traditional model of IT updates and security fixes sees devices protected under fixed-term licence by vendors. Devices require updates often while users are working, causing disruption and costing businesses valuable time.

Once a licence expires, or a vendor decides to end support for an operating system, the customer is then left with a costly decision to make; upgrade the OS to the latest version, along with any new required hardware, or risk security vulnerabilities and a lack of new features.

This model is broken.

Traditional licensing doesn’t meet cloud needs

One in four employees are cloud workers, who need the mobility and flexibility to work whenever and wherever, without interruption. They need a reliable platform that can deliver a seamless, intuitive user experience, along with complete peace of mind when it comes to security.

They need Google Chrome Enterprise.

Chrome Enterprise provides businesses of any size with world-class security and features that don’t have a shelf life. With a Chrome Enterprise license, updates are received every six weeks as standard, with critical updates pushed in as little as 24-48 hours, for as long as the license is renewed. Chrome Enterprise is secure by design.

End of support as an opportunity

End of Support for other platforms and operating systems presents a great opportunity for you, the reseller, to sell Google Chrome Enterprise. No longer will your customers need to worry about End of Support occurrences affecting their ability to perform or the associated costs.

Instead you’ll be providing them with a mobile, reliable, and secure option that enables them to digitally transform and accelerate their growth.

Convenience with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise delivers a uniquely convenient experience that means all workers can be cloud workers.

  • Front of house worker
  • Mobile device worker
  • Office worker

Because all data is stored in the cloud, rather than on devices, employees are able to simply pick up the nearest Chrome Enterprise enabled device, sign in, and go. Their settings and profile are delivered whenever and wherever they need it.

Centralised management of users and devices means customers are able to enact their choice of Chrome Enterprise’s over 200 policies, to best suit their requirements, and ensure uniformity across their digital estate.

Moving your customers away from the traditional IT model to a new cloud-based digitally transformed one couldn’t be easier thanks to Tech Data.

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