How Tech Data E-Tools help resellers through their sales process

We at Tech Data know you’re busy. We also know ordering items, tracking them, and providing after-sales support can be stressful, time-consuming, and resource intensive. Which is why we’ve been working with Apple to take the hassle out of getting great products into your customers hands, easily and cost-effectively.

From pre-sales advice, all the way through to after-sales support, Tech Data and Apple provide you with a range of E-tools designed to help keep your orders on track, and your customers coming back.

It all begins with a seed, in this case, the SEED app. Short for Sales Enablement, Education and Development, the SEED delivers sales news, tips, games and other resources exclusively for Apple’s sales partners – stay in the know, with the people who know.

Once you’ve found what you need from Tech Data’s comprehensive range of Apple products, use our CTO tool to easily configure any product to match your customers’ exact specifications. Not only do we provide bespoke hardware configurations, Tech Data allows you to further differentiate your business in a competitive market through our Engraver tool and StreamOne offering.

Engraver provides customers with their choice of bespoke text, logo, and ornate engravings on Apple products, while StreamOne delivers the software and cloud services your customers want, how they want, seamlessly in the channel.

Such ease of purchase is meaningless if you can’t trust that products will be delivered where they need to be, when they’re needed. It’s why with Tech Data, you can check the status of your Apple order every step of the way with Weborder Checker, and if it’s the configuration status of a more specialised order you need, no problem, use CONFIG Checker. Tech Data offer both to ensure your peace of mind.

We don’t want you to think, however, that we stop caring once your customer receives their Apple products, because we don’t, and neither do Apple. If there’s a problem with any product, AppleCare checker gives you access to the most up-to-date information about AppleCare orders so you can keep your customers informed at all times.

Let Tech Data and Apple take the stress out of ordering for you, letting you get on with the business of delivering premium Apple products to your customers, at the best possible prices.

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