How mobile content management (MCM) pays off for your customers

A formal ROI is usually not part of the MCM sales process. That’s because the need for, and the value of, content sharing is usually so apparent that stakeholders don’t feel the need to quantify it exactly.

But customers still need to see business value in their MCM investment. Their users, also, will need some sense of the bottom-line benefits and current business vulnerabilities to give up their treasured Dropbox or other file-sharing accounts to move to an enterprise-class MCM solution.

As you make the initial sale, and in your ongoing user education to drive adoption, here are some useful proxies for a traditional ROI analysis.

Reduced rework and streamlined processes by sharing authorised files

Anyone who has worked on a complex project knows how much time and effort they waste trying to find the most recent version of a file, or in consolidating changes when one user has worked on the improper version. IDC data shows that the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.

Even if the exact cost can’t be quantified, asking users how much time they waste on just “finding the same file” will help them see the value. The larger the organisation, of course, the larger the potential cost savings.

Secure use of valuable outside contributors through easy information sharing

With the fast pace of business and technological change, and the need to hold down costs, your customers are probably hiring more and more outside contractors.

That makes it easier, and less expensive, to bring valuable new products and services to market. But it also requires sharing more sensitive files with relatively unknown users. MCM capabilities like sharing files through secure links, and setting expiration times for those links, helps ensure contractors get the information they need when they need it, but no longer.

Faster and more effective collaboration and innovation through information sharing

If the security side of MCM is about reducing risk, this is about capturing benefits. When an organisation tears down office walls, it hopes it will drive employees to share information, insights and ideas.

Effective collaboration can also help your customers to close more deals at a faster pace, helping them to win more business. Providing a consistent collaborative environment has been proven to help win business by shaving off an entire week from the close rates of sales cycles.

Enhanced file sharing through MCM drives the same business efficiency. If your customer needs “siloed” departments or business units to work together, steer them to a demo of a MCM solution with powerful, easy to use collaboration capabilities no “consumer grade” file sharing platform can match.

Increased security and reduced risk of regulatory fines, bad publicity or lost sales or brand value through the theft or exposure of sensitive files

Consider, for example:

  • The lost sales if a top salesman takes their spreadsheet of customer names to a competitor.
  • The damage if a contract engineer or manufacturing house leaks the designs of your next product to a competitor or trade publication.
  • The dire outcomes (ranging up to a probe of possible insider trading) if your investor relations manager mistakenly sent a draft of an earnings press release to a stock analyst.

When a customer mentions any of these needs or concerns, a description of how a MCM solution can help will demonstrate its business value, even without a formal ROI.


  • Think: When discussing MCM with your customers, take the broad view, understanding what types of information are most important to their users regardless of what type of device they use.
  • Act: It will be easier to demonstrate ROI with well-defined and documented workflows, such as for marketing, because of its need to securely share content with outside parties.
  • Lead: Your customers still need to see business value in their MCM investment and their users will need some sense of the bottom-line benefits to give up Dropbox, for example.
  • Share: Formal ROI estimates are usually not part of the MCM sales process. Be prepared to explain, however, how the widest possible uptake usually assures the greatest ROI.

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