How is Apple transforming healthcare?

Traditionally, doctors and medical researchers gather data through slow, laborious studies, with long periods of time between when they see patients and are able to gain meaningful information. This kind of reactive medicine is outdated; it isn’t meeting the needs of researchers, and it doesn’t provide the tailored, real-time healthcare and treatments that many people urgently need.

Modern handheld technology can deliver a personalised pizza to your door in minutes, and it can create a custom music playlist based on your listening history, but does it have a wider application, for healthcare? Can it quickly and accurately tailor healthcare diagnosis and treatment to any person at any given point on any given day?

With Apple and Tech Data, the answer is yes.

Apple is transforming the way information about illnesses and conditions are gathered, and as a result, how conditions are treated. iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch are powerful devices that, when coupled with bespoke apps created using Apple’s ResearchKit, are turning handheld equipment into laboratories.

By connecting to patients at home using some of the over 40,000 dedicated healthcare apps in the App Store, connected to the plethora of available accessories, doctors can gather tailored information from individual patients on everything from sleep patterns to nutritional intake, blood pressure to oxygen saturation levels. Doctors can then respond quicker than ever before, getting rid of uncertainty in the wait between patient visits.

Apple is allowing patients, for the first time, to truly visualise and understand their own treatment progress, through seamless connectivity and intuitive functionality, from the comfort of their own home while enabling real-time patient-generated data for medical professionals to further enhance medical research and treatments.

Apple’s support and protection plan, AppleCare – available now on Tech Data’s InTouch Store - offers a valuable upsell opportunity for you, the reseller, and provides peace of mind to customers for whom health and wellbeing are non-negotiable.

Create opportunities with new customers in new markets by positioning Apple products as a healthcare solution. Tech Data have all the tools and expertise available to enable you to sell Apple, in-turn growing your business and increasing your profit.

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