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All data is not equal
Some data needs continual access and processing via flash arrays, while other data can be transferred to tape or cloud and rarely accessed or seen again. Some record historical entries in a company’s database, while other actively power the data analysis, AI learning, and insight that drives growth.

In addition, the scale of data storage requirements is rapidly expanding. Even midsize businesses are now having to consider Petabyte-scale storage. These are values and quantities of data unthinkable to most even just a few years ago.

The common requirement of all valuable data is for it to be readily available as soon as it is needed, easily manageable, and cost effective.

Storing data in the same way - but differently
For your customers, whatever their size, whatever their current and future data storage requirements, Dell Technologies hold the answer with their Primary Storage range. The range offers your customers the right combination of scalability, efficiency, intelligence, and multi-cloud integration to match their needs.

  • Dell EMC Unity XT – An exceptional data reduction ratio of 5:1 means the Dell EMC Unity XT can reduce 29.2 TB to just 4.20 TB, freeing up vast quantities of rack space. It’s also hybrid-cloud enabled.
  • SC Series – Available as an All-Flash or Hybrid Flash solution, the SC Series intelligently automates cost savings through self-optimising tiered storage.
  • PowerVault ME4 – Built for maintaining simplicity and consolidating storage, the PowerVault ME4 Series supports a variety of drive types, multi-protocols and all-inclusive software features, in either a two 2U or high density 5U configuration.
  • Xtrem10 – Designed to support every modern virtual data centre objective your customers may have with sub-millisecond latency1, the Xtrem10 minimises infrastructure footprint, while maximising its scalability.
  • VMAX All Flash – Mission critical is mission accomplished for the Dell VMAX All Flash, with performance of up to 6.7 million input/output operations per second, 150GB/s bandwidth, and 4PB capacity. 1

Why Tech Data?

By offering Dell Technologies data storage through Tech Data, you’re partnering with a twice-awarded ‘Dell Technologies UK Distributor of the Year’, most recently in 2018.

This is due in no small part to Tech Data’s commitment to delivering a premium Dell offering to every single partner. It’s why we’ve invested significantly in creating an extensive range of Dell-specific solutions, services, on-going training and support resources, designed to add value to your Dell portfolio.

Partnering with Tech Data is a partnership with the people who know Dell Technologies best.

All data is not equal, nor is all data storage. Offer your customers the data storage solutions that succeed, with Dell Technologies from Tech Data.

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