The effectiveness of a mobile workforce

A mobile workforce is a responsive workforce

The world of work has changed due to technology. We are now able to provide anything at any time, and anywhere. This had led to not only increased expectations from customers, but also from employees.

There are currently five generations in the workplace, and with millennials, we have the first generation of digital natives at work. They have lived in a digitally empowered world their entire lives, which is why they have high expectations of technology in their workplace.

Pervasive connectivity

The primary expectation of technology at work now is that it connects seamlessly. Whether to other offices, other countries, or simply to a network, without connectivity, workers cannot do their job as effectively.

This is why many businesses are seeking pervasive connectivity throughout their digital estate. It is a concept that has been empowered by the rise of cloud working, and has enabled for the first time, truly mobile workforces.

Five key benefits of a mobile workforce

  1. Greater collaboration – People can work in more teams, across more projects, more often, with more skilled people than they otherwise would, thanks to remote meeting.
  2. Reduced operating costs – Cloud-connected workers needn’t travel so much and needn’t take up costly office space, significantly diminishing operating costs.
  3. A more engaged workforce – Offering employees flexibility and mobility in their work improves morale and loyalty, as well as having the potential to decrease the amount of sick days taken due to stress and overwork.
  4. Quicker time to market – Business can be conducted globally and in real time with instant communications and simultaneously co-authored file sharing. Better connectivity gives smaller businesses the opportunities once only afforded to the larger enterprises, levelling the playing field.
  5. Increased productivity – Higher speed, lower cost, with a happier workforce working with greater collaboratively, it all amounts to an increasingly productive workspace. The possibilities are endless.

While employees used to have to adapt to their workplace, companies today are challenged to adapt to the needs of their employees and to provide mobility and flexibility.

Have a mobile workforce holds incredible potential for businesses of any size. Are you offering your customers the chance to get involved?

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