Creating Successful Learning Environments with Intel

Intel helps you build comprehensive classroom solutions that bring learning to life. Make sure you know the right questions to ask to identify the right solutions for your customers.

IntelEducation decision makers increasingly look for technology solutions to help improve teaching and learning, and this represents huge opportunities for you as a reseller and trusted advisor to your base of education customers.

The range of Intel products made even more affordable for educators with a Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan, saving money whilst keeping compliant with education regulations to give access to better technology for less.

Tech-as-a-Service: One simple subscription for all your education technology
Collaborative learning is increasingly replacing didactic teaching methods with more engaging lessons that produce better outcomes, but how can you afford it?

By adopting our Tech-as-a-Service programme you can more easily replace outdated front of classroom technology with new interactive learning solutions that enable pupils & students to interact with the very latest touch panels and mobile technologies for as little as 5 pence per student per day!

The best technology, today You never have to wait to have the best technology, regardless of budget.

Maximum value Save up to 30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions.

Fully Compliant Take comfort in being fully compliant with UK State Education Legislation. Tech-as-a-Service is always compliant with this as we have built algorithms into our subscription platform.

Rapid deployment - Implementations are faster and ultimately more effective. This allows for more consistent solutions and frequent technology refreshes.

Single contract - You will have all of your technology under one agreement – just like mobile phones, printers and IT infrastructure.

Services are included - High-quality implementation, proactive services, maintenance, training, other variables costs are part of the contract.

Now is the time to offer your education customers an affordable upgrade with Intel. Visit InTouch to order now!

Not part of our Tech-as-a-Service programme yet, join one of our webinars to find out how!