Create and maintain modern applications at maximum speed

Modern app development is the rapid creation, maintenance, and management of applications that run across complex hybrid cloud environments without modification. This approach lets organisations get the most benefit from innovative technologies like containers and microservices, as well as from game-changing practices like agile, DevOps, and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

To be able to compete in the ever growing market, businesses must be able to offer everything faster. Red Hat offer various solutions to allow your customers to deliver on that promise.

What are the business challenges? 

Application maintenance
Your customers apps are hard to maintain and they lack portability. By using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform the applications can be moved to containers; IT staff can then keep things running but still have time to innovate.

Application platforms
Technology and infrastructure requests can really slow productivity down. By adding a lightweight app platform with the right tools room can be made for fast, flexible, new approaches such as microservices, mobile and hybrid cloud. To capitalise on these opportunities the perfect solutions are available within Red Hat OpenShift, Mobile and OpenStack.

Process-driven business apps
Complex environments require process and automation improvements. Use Red Hat Ansible Automation to deploy apps, manage systems and crush complexity. Ansible is simple, agentless IT automation technology that improves processes, migrates applications for better optimization, and provides a single language for DevOps practises across organisations.

Whether building new apps or updating existing ones, businesses and their customers need results yesterday. Red Hat OpenShift enables your customers with coordinated practices and processes that span development and operations, allowing them to move faster.

Workforce management
Your customers need accurate, real-time connections to employees in the field. With Red Hat Mobile they can build mobile app solutions that securely connect field workers with the information they need.

To find out more about the modern application development services Red Hat offer contact Tech Data’s Mitch Slaney at / +44(0)1344355913.