Capitalise upon the breadth of financial solutions available from Tech Data

It is Tech Data’s view that finance should never hinder a partner’s ability to grow. With this in mind, Tech Data offer a breadth of financial solutions that can offer accelerated credit growth, alternative ways of acquiring credit or enabling partners to sell products as a service in order to increase customers’ retention and improve cash flow.

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Tech-as-a-Service is a financial subscription plan that allows resellers to combine hardware, software, and services into a single low-cost solution to offer their customers. Customers will have access to the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets, and simplify their bill by moving away from large capital investments.

With Tech-as-a-Service, resellers have the opportunity to make more margin, and benefit from improved cash flow as they will get paid in full as soon as their customers receive their products. The service offers resellers a point of differentiation from their competitors, and the ability to keep their customers for longer with an annuity pipeline.

It’s incredibly easy to get a Tech-as-a-Service quote set up, simply get your quote on InTouch, or use the quick quotation tool, and the proposal is shared with your customer. If the customer approves, the documents are sent to them to sign via e-sign; this whole process takes an absolute maximum of 15 minutes.

To get involved, either speak to your Account Manager or speak to one of our TaaS team members at


Credit Elevator

Credit Elevator makes it incredibly easy for you to grow your sales without the need to apply for extra credit or provide additional guarantees. Existing and new customers can grow their credit line form £5k to £1 million in just 12 months.

The scheme is aimed at new and existing customers who utilise 75% of their current credit line and pay on 30-day terms by direct debit.

Simply by utilising your credit line with us and paying to terms, you can grow your credit line in line with your sales demand, and without the need to apply for any limit increases. Grow your sales and profit by utilising the financial strength and support of Tech Data’s Credit and Finance Solutions Division.

Simply email or call the Credit and Finance Solutions team on 01526 964 244 to get involved today.


Deed of Assignment

Deed of Assignment is a finance enablement tool that provides Tech Data with the confidence to extend higher than normal credit facilities. It works by asking you, the reseller, to invoice your end user as normal, but rather than the end-user paying you, they pay Tech Data directly, and we pass your margin back to you.

This is aimed at reseller partners who may struggle to get additional credit, and allows them to continue to provide their customers with stock, and realise free working capital at the same time.

To get involved, simply email or call the Credit & Finance Solutions team on 01256 964 244.


End-user billing

End-user billing is a method of financing an order for low risk or blue chip customers; aimed at resellers who we have difficulty providing traditional trade credit for.

The process involves the following simple steps; you invoice your customer, the customer in question makes payment directly to Tech Data and on receipt of payment, Tech Data pass your margin back to you.

This allows you to service your customers and opens up the opportunity of free working capital.

To find out more information send an email to or call the Credit and Finance Solutions Team on 01256 964 244.


Tech Data Renew

Tech Data Renew is Tech Data’s bespoke device trade in programme; it takes the complexity out of trading in devices, delivering a better customer experience while enabling resellers, retailers, dealers and operators to uncover more profit.

Our renewal programme provides a way to maintain a close relationship with your customers, while offering more product refresh opportunities, among other benefits. The scheme offers free collection for five or more devices, bespoke quotation and payment, and offers the reassurance of full environmental accreditation and a data erasure service.

Once signed up, you can use the quotation tool to generate a quote, valid for 30 days; once this quote is accepted by your customer, it’s active and collection of the devices is arranged. The devices will then be inspected and validated by our team, the final quote value will be confirm and shared with your customer. To proceed, you accept the quote and invoice Tech Data for the value of the devices.

To get involved, you will need to download, complete and sign the Trade In set up form and terms and conditions on our InTouch website; once both of these documents have been returned to you’re free to use the tool.