Budget friendly, easy to manage devices for every classroom

It’s become increasingly critical for schools to find ways to improve learning outcomes for students, ensuring staff and students have the right tools to make a difference in and out of the classroom, and prepare them for the workforce.

This is especially in light of the guidance the DfE has given schools on the use of digital technology.

With budget friendly, easy to manage Windows 10 education devices for every classroom, staff can spend time teaching and students can spend time learning, without the worry and frustrations of working with unresponsive, slow equipment and software. We have all experienced the loss of productivity when things aren’t working to capacity, and time is precious in the classroom to make sure students are engaged and producing their best.

Collaboration is made easy with Microsoft Teams, allowing collaboration not only in the classroom but also with other staff and o professional learning communities.

There are many pitfalls of holding onto outdated technology. This outdated technology poses a higher security threat where organisations become exposed to unpatched vulnerabilities in their hardware and software, and it’s more than likely that these issues will have been addressed in the updated versions. 


Saving educators and staff time

Saving Educators and staff time is critical to helping them to deliver the high standard of learning during the student day. By having tools that help reduce the administration processes to reduce the burden of ‘non-teaching’ tasks is critical. With InTune for Education time is saved by allowing users to set up a classroom in under an hour and easily manage devices, users and apps.

This delivers a customised learning experience for each student. 

Teaching staff and students alike are more satisfied and engaged with their work when using newer equipment, not least because it works better. It is also a motivator to attract the best students and teachers to work with you.

This enables you to provide the best access, inclusion and improved learning outcomes for all.

Cost is too often cited as a barrier to new technology 

Cost being a prohibitive barrier is being quickly dismissed as schools join the movement towards a services-based, pay-as-you-go model for IT consumption. By bundling hardware, software, and services into a single contract,  schools can enjoy a simple, manageable, and regular means of receiving the latest technology that is hugely cost effective.

A Tech-as-a-Service subscription standardises hardware, operating systems and services across a business, ensuring a non-fragmented  IT estate, with reduced management complexity and support costs. It spreads costs over the useful life of technology and services and can even reduce the total cost ownership by up to 30 per cent.

The Tech-as-a-Service programme will ensure that state schools remain within the guidelines dictated by the education minister and only use a complaint operating lease.

Your Microsoft education customers can focus on what it most important for your school, better learning outcomes for students, and optimise their often stretched budgets. They can pay across the term they need, and either upgrade to better products at the end or buy them outright.

Start your Microsoft Education with Tech-as-a-Service journey today!