7 Ways Schools Benefit From More Memory and SSDs

1. Maximise class time and keep students engaged

Near-instant boot times, improved system responsiveness, and seamless multitasking maximise limited class time and help students use technology more efficiently, work 6x faster, and maintain their attention.

2. Boost online classes, virtual classes, and educational apps

The classroom is changing. As more schoolwork gets done online, computers and servers need more RAM and SSDs to power the digital classroom, not bog it down.

3. Better withstand the punishment of everyday classroom use

SSDs are inherently more durable than hard drives because they don’t use small mechanical moving parts to read data. Translation: Computers that often get thrown around by students are less likely to fail.

4. Use more intensive apps or programs

Many media and design apps that are now used in schools, such as Adobe® Photoshop® for graphic design and Adobe® Premiere® Pro for video editing, require large amounts of system resources. Using them in the classroom improves real-world application and better prepares students who are entering the workforce.

5. Improve student and teacher performance without draining your IT budget

Installing more memory and SSDs instantly speeds up computers that are used for almost everything in modern education – and doubling a system’s memory from 4GB to 8GB and adding a 275GB SSD often costs 75% less than buying a new system.* Hardware is a long-term investment that you can likely also use in future systems.

6. Avoid lengthy downtime upgrading your systems

Memory and SSD installation is quick and easy, so your system upgrade won’t require significant downtime – plus, to maximise the learning value of an upgrade, you can teach students in computer science courses how to install memory and SSDs – a valuable skill.

7. Ensure compatibility with your systems

PCs, Mac® systems, and servers can all benefit from more memory and better storage. Ensure compatibility in just a few clicks with the System Scanner or Crucial® Advisor™ tool, which guarantee compatibility when you order on Crucial.com.

School computers don’t have to be slow. Extend the life of your school’s systems and budget with Crucial memory and SSDs.