4 ways to help your customers get the most from their servers

As a reseller, how can you help your customer to do more with their server rollout?

There is a checklist of initial questions you should ask your customers when they first buy a server. Start with the most important piece of information: what is the server being used for? From this initial enquiry, you can better assist with defining a technical specification and ultimately leveraging your customer’s potential IT budget.

1. Go beyond the initial server sale

This first qualifying question soon evolves into more detailed questions about the customer’s requirements. Is the application running directly on the server or as part of a virtualised environment? Is it going into a development environment? This should help provide an initial specification against either a target application or developer requirements.

As their IT solution provider, that first transaction also provides you with an opportunity to become a trusted advisor to your customer, guiding them on other aspects of their IT strategy – particularly when IT is linked so closely with business transformation.

2. Cross-sell through strategic alignment

The key is aligning additional services, software and infrastructure successfully. This alignment can be achieved by generating a discussion around your customer’s security, networking, software and storage requirements. There is also an opportunity to offer server installation and maintenance services which will provide an ongoing monthly recurring revenue on top of the sale. Offering finance or leasing for smaller businesses enables the customer to expand their contract for products and services while limiting their initial investment.

There is also an opening for you, as a partner, to provide logistics services. For example, a customer may purchase a set of chassis-based switches that require space, power and cooling. If they don’t have a place to prepare the switches, one option is to handle the configuration of the systems on behalf of your customers and their requirements.

3. Offer roll-out options and services to your customers

Depending on your customer’s requirements, you can also help with the logistics of a hardware deployment, handling the rollout of equipment to multiple sites and coordinating installation with their data centres’ maintenance windows. In certain cases, more advanced server configuration and staging can also be arranged through your distributor and offered as a value-added service, especially for larger orders where there are multiple sites such as a branch office refresh project.

4. Sell benefits, not servers

Throughout the entire sales process, you can promote the benefits of the server technology itself – which can do much more than their predecessors.

The latest generation of servers improves the performance of your customer’s IT environment, increases resilience, saves costs and simplifies management. Don’t forget the most important benefit to your customers - return on investment.

This can be achieved through using the servers’ enhanced performance and connectivity for greater consolidation of the customer’s virtualised estate. The latest software iterations are also designed to take advantage of the latest server advances. This combination can be compelling for many organisations.


In many cases a single modern server will replace several legacy servers, especially with virtualisation increasing server utilisation.

Ultimately, the initial server sale can be a gateway to a host of other revenue-generating services you can offer the customer, whilst helping them to meet their IT requirements on-premise or in the data centre.


  • Align services, software and infrastructure to help your customer to achieve their goals.
  • Discuss your customer’s security, networking, software and storage requirements.
  • There are additional revenue streams in server installation, maintenance, and logistics.

Servers are still the building blocks to your customer’s environments, so they are still a successful revenue stream for partners. Find out more by downloading: The Trusted Advisor Blueprint: Maximising growth opportunities by adding value to server sales

The Trusted Advisor Blueprint: Maximising growth opportunities by adding value to server sales